Digico Website Subscription Services vs. Wix

It’s crucial to decide whether to hire a digital marketing agency or make everything DIY when you are planning to create a site. Digico (digicowebsites.com) is part of 1768degrees.com family, a reliable digital marketing agency based in New Zealand.

In this article we look to compare Wix with a Digico Website Subscription

Overview of Wix

Wix is a cloud-based service that enables you to build and design your own site without any need for coding knowledge. This also means not buying elsewhere web hosting services or installing software since everything is provided out of the box and it all happens online.

Overview of Digico Websites

Digico Websites is part of 1768degrees.com, a premier web design and digital marketing agency that delivers comprehensive digital marketing solutions for the entire Northland and Auckland areas. The agency has been a web design and SEO specialist solution for businesses for years. The company offers excellent bespoke designed websites, speedy hosting services, first-page Google rankings, and stunning web designs.

With Digico – DigicoWebsites.com we have created designs so your business can get online hassle free and without the cost a bespoke design would cost.

When you hire a digital marketing and design agency you are not limited to Wix designs. WordPress, Drupal, and other site-building tools are also available. With WordPress, there are thousands of templates and apps that can be used for various industries.

Apart from being a custom site, you can also be sure that it is SEO friendly, as it is supported by the hardworking SEO team of the digital marketing agency. The agency has gained expertise in both on-page and off-page SEO over the years of doing professional business. If you need site maintenance services, the digital agency would give you affordable options. This will make sure that your SEO rankings are in place for as long as you want to, enabling you to enjoy ROI.

Whether you want to have a WordPress or Wix website, you can be certain that it is customized to be launched for the business. All you have to do is to call anyone from the team. You may opt to add your text or images to the sites yourself or ask the team to do so for you for an add-on service. The team will handle all the cumbersome tasks of handling the site, for you to focus on the other significant business tasks.

You may also add copywriting services. In the case of Digico Websites, copywriting services can be availed from its sister company 1768 Degrees. Equipped with a pool of talented and experienced writers, your site will have engaging and highly valuable content for site visitors to read.

Given the convenience and professional expertise of Digico Websites, it is a much better choice than creating a new site on your own using Wix. If you are a small business owner, it is worth considering hiring a digital marketing agency with subscription services and payment options that are affordable for you than setting up a Wix site by yourself.

All you need to do is book an appointment for a free initial consultation. You may check this link to contact Digico Websites.

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