9 Surefire Ways to Launch Your Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are time-bound and are designed for a specific purpose. It is nothing like managing a social media profile. It may also be different from any of your usual social media strategies. Ensuring a successful launch of a social media campaign for a small business entails enhancing your reach and engagement.  

Find a unique way of using the existing platforms. Experiment.  

One such example could be the horizontal feature of Instagram that allows for a more interesting presentation of your physical store. 

1. Find a unique way of using the existing platforms. Experiment.

One such example could be the horizontal feature of Instagram that allows for a more interesting presentation of your physical store.

2. Make sure to engage with your audience

Always involve your audience and engage them on social media platforms during the campaign. Some businesses might opt to automate their replies, but it can be done manually by a team prepared for the task. Personal replies allow for customers to share thoughts and insights on your brand that might otherwise not be possible. 

3. Can your business benefit from Trending Topics

It helps to think out of the box, and to give new things a try. Small businesses that are on a tight budget but have great and highly relevant content can now reach more people. That’s why it’s worth linking with topic or trending topics, (where relevant) to gain further exposure. On Twitter especially, it’s easy to know the ‘trending’ topics. Use the relevant hashtags, and away you go!

4. Encourage your audience to co-create and share content

Invite your audience to create content and show gratitude by sharing the content on your business’s social media or giving them gift vouchers. If you sell products, especially clothing, encourage your users to share their purchases or how they are pairing items from your business. This is a great way to engage your audience, and with many individuals seeking to become influencers, merely sharing their content is an win-win for all. According to studies, 40 percent of millennials want to co-create products and brands with businesses.

5. Focus only on one platform

It’s quite tempting to use every social media profile the business has for a campaign. However, for a small business, it’s wiser to focus only on a single channel. For promoting visuals, turn to Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube. Otherwise, there’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

6. Use the latest feature or technology of the platform chosen for better content

It’s best to use the latest social media feature or technology to create content that is unique to your audience. Its novelty will attract higher audience engagement and likely encourage them to share with their network.  

7. Make sure the timing is right

Schedule the launch of your campaign around relevant events or occasions when your target audience is more likely to engage. Effective timelines make campaigns more relevant and help effectively kickstart your next launch or marketing campaign. 

8. Design a teaser campaign

Any great product launch must start with a teaser campaign. Teaser campaigns are designed for providing glimpses of the product or service to serve as clues. This helps to create excitement and expectation of the launch. This way on launch day, your audience already has built up excitement about your product. 

9. Engage audiences through contests

You can host contests on your social media that are about your product or service as a way of creating hype. These contests need not be complex. You can set a theme and ask the audience to share their use of your products/services. Depending on the platform the use of particular hashtags also is beneficial. You may also ask your audience to complete a story according to a predefined prompt. Another way to create long-term engagement is to ask your audience to help you name the product or service. Something Microsoft did with its AI software Cortana. 

With any social media campaign, you still need to ultimately direct your customers to a platform your control. Your Website. If you need a website to get online consider digicowebsites.com where you can be online in weeks not months and keep hold of more of your hard-earned money. 

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